Where The Leaves Fall

Client: Where The Leaves Fall
Project Name: Nature in the Digital Age (Issue #10)
Industry: Editorial
Category: Illustration

Where The Leaves Fall is a magazine exploring humankind’s connection with nature through the intersection between social justice and the environment, art, science, culture, philosophy and food. In 2022 we have been commissioned a series of four illustrations to accompany an article about the relationship between humans, technology and nature, written by Kalpana Arias. We are living in an age of unprecedented urban and technological growth. According to UN figures, by 2050 urban populations are expected to increase from 55% to 68%, with an additional 2.5 billion people residing in urban areas. As the world continues to urbanise, sustainable and ecological urban development will depend on our ability to restore our connection to the land around us - working with nature rather than against it.

Commissioned by: Luciane Pisani